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Chelsea clocks are a work of art. A valuable work of art is often mysterious. The artist uses elements of material, design and technique to create an object of lasting beauty.
Take Chelsea material for instance. All valuable works of art have one thing in common. They are created with enduring material. Material that will survive for centuries. Material whose patina becomes even more luxurious with age.

At Chelsea, artisans work with forged brass to create exquisitely beautiful clocks. Brass forged in the foundry. An age-old technique of intense pressure to form a material of incredible density and weight. Just the right density for artisans to shape and finish the piece flawlessly with a weight that says your clock is a valuable work of art.

When you choose a gift, you want it to reflect on you. You want it to be unique as well as appreciated. From the very beginning in 1897, when the first Chelsea was made, it has become the tradition for U.S. Presidents to present these unique timepieces to visiting heads of state. They are so much appreciated that the presidents themselves have adorned the White House with Chelsea clocks.

Chelsea began making the Ship's Bell clock over one hundred years ago - before the age of machines - when the art and craft of fine mechanical clockmaking reached is zenith. Among today's treasured antiques are early models of Ship's Bells.

Remarkably, you can still acquire the original. Very little has changed in the way the Ship's Bell is made today. The original balance wheel movement is unchanged. It cannot be improved upon. Indeed, the Ship's Bell Clock has achieved its pre-eminent status today because to "improve" it means to preserve its original integrity.

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Now Phillips' Clock Shop can offer these masterpieces to you over the Internet at the best prices possible. Illustrated below is the Millennium heirloom.

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The Millennium clock is a creative blend of art and science. It is designed with the elegance and style symbolic of the great artists. It is crafted with the precision and accuracy of the most noble scientists.

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Phillips' Clock Shop was established in 1974. We are a family owned and operated business. We have a genuine love for timepieces and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to do what we love. We have a loyal following of customers who always become our friends. We thank them for their business and look forward to many more years and many more friends.

George Phillips was at one time (over 26 years ago) an employee of Chelsea Clock Company and knows first hand the quality that goes into each timepiece. We are collectors of their clocks ourselves.

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