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"The Only Place to Buy Time"

With wall clocks, variety is the name of the game.

Available in a wide range of styles, our wall clocks include such features as hand-rubbed finishes, chiming key-wound or quartz movements, and automatic nighttime chime shut-off options. These beautiful clocks are a wonderful addition to any home.

Every wall clock we offer is the same level of craftsmanship and the meticulous attention to detail that you'd expect to find in a fine timepiece. A sample selection of our wall clocks in the store is shown below (or you can access our on-line catalog, see Howard Miller wall clocks catalog).

We are the largest clock shop in the Boston area specializing in wall, mantel and grandfather clocks both new and antique. We carry all major brands, including Howard Miller, Chelsea, Ridgeway, Hentschel, Seth Thomas, Comitti, Kieninger, Rhythm, etc. (there are a few names we cannot mention on the Internet, but they are here at the store). We offer expert restoration and repairs on all timepieces.

sample wall clocks in storebanjo wall clocks in store

Clocks are works of art which we enjoy because they express the sentiments and traditions of our lives. A clock that is a family heirloom is a treasure of value beyond dollars or words.

Owned and operated by George and Marilyn Phillips, the Phillips' Clock Shop was established in 1974. We are a family run business. We have a genuine love for timepieces and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to do what we love. We have a loyal following of customers who always become our friends. We thank them for their business and look forward to many more years and many more friends.

WWe are very pleased by a recent article in the North Shore Magazine, Autumn
2003 that states:
" George and Marilyn Phillips have built a business on time. Their shop on Essex
Street in Swampscott is the domain of their Pug dog Banjo, and home to hun-
dreds of clocks displayed on the walls, in cabinets and on tables and shelves.
Standing in stately rows are finely crafted grandfather (and grandmother) clocks
from the world's most respected manufacturers. Their extensive collection of
timepieces, at surprisingly low prices, draws customers looking for value from
around New England.

Names like Chelsea, Sligh, Howard Miller, Ridgeway, and Comitti of
London embellish the faces of the clocks displayed in every nook and cranny of
the shop. To the browsing customer, the mellow chimes bring back memories of
family and home as the clocks sound in unison on striking the hour, each with its
own unique melody. Most of the traditional clocks have the highest quality
German movements. They are truly works of art.

The Phillips' ability to obtain clocks from any manufacturer and deliver
them at the lowest prices in New England is legendary and it's the backbone of
their business. Marilyn says "We genuinely care about our customer's needs. Our
focus is clocks and we do that better than anyone. We Understand that
Grandfather clocks are cherished heirlooms, not simply furniture. Their beauty
and sound help us to put balance in our lives. They make memorable and lasting
family gifts."

We are also active members of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Swampscott Business Council. We were very pleased to have receive from the Chamber a "Commitment to Swampscott Award", December 1, 2000, for leadership and community commitment.

Howard Miller awarded us with their Hourglass Award for recognition of Outstanding Customer Service and Sales Achievement. And for many years, we have been voted No. 1 Reader's Choice award in the Community Newspaper.

We welcome you to visit our store to view our large inventory of wall clocks. You will be glad that you did. We offer a premiere selection, at the lowest prices. We will assist you in selecting a timepiece that will fit your needs. In the meantime, please see our wall clocks in our Howard Miller catalog.

Just remember, Phillips' Clock Shop is "The Only Place to Buy Time".

Thank you,

George & Marilyn Phillips

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